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Miko 2 AKILI OS2
R980 R899
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AKILI OS2 is an Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, which integrates Bluetooth speaker box, LED strong light flashlight, mobile power bank and FM radio. It can connect and play music inside the smart devices or memory card through Bluetooth, TF card and AUX, can automatically search and play FM radio station, includes characteristic functions such as multi-mode LED light source flashlight, high-capacity mobile power bank, mobile wireless hands-free call, inbound call number voice and IP56 waterproof and dustproof level and supports the holder or tripod with British 1/4-20 screw thread interface. The product package includes complimentary special bike holder.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Smart Flashlight

Power Bank

AKILI OS2The sound adopts a fractional modeling design. The casing on both ends is made of aluminum alloy and after anodic oxidation treatment, it has a delicate touch; the PC+ABS+TPU texture and the BabySkin matte painting craft of the main body in the central section resists slipping and provides users with an gentle and comfortable tactile experience.

Sound module, illuminating module, power supply module, main control chip, main body three-proofing suits.

Built-in Carrying special outdoor sound unit which is in accordance with American Sherwood DS series, the sound AKILI OS2 has an excellent overall balance. The bass is full and the highs are bright.

The sound AKILI OS2 that carries Bluetooth v4.1 chip andand 10-meter connecting distance ensures the undamaged transportation of HiFi sound quality. It can also provide mobile phone hands-free functions like answering, hanging up, dialing, etc.

The music stored in the intelligent devices, such as TF card, USB, AUX audio, mobile phone, tablet PC, laptop, etc, can be played after being connected with Bluetooth and main body interfaces with multiple specifications. The sound has aBuilt-in two pieces of 18650 battery, 1000-Lumen adjustable brightness and 5-Watt 600-meter distance light range. "Bright light", "Llow light", "SOS", "Bbreathing light", "Sstrobe", five kinds of light modes can be shifted with one button. A 5200mah high-intensity and high-quality Battery Cells cell can charge iPhone 7, or S7edge one-and-a-half times over, play music for 30 hours and illuminate with bright light for 20 hours. Through a built-in spiral antenna, AKILI OS2the sound allows the users to automatically search for local public broadcastings anywhere in the world. Equipped with Wyeth threaded connector British standard 1/4-20, the sound AKILI OS2 can be connected to many standard market accessories.