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Miko 2 F9 Anion Air Purifier
R1200 R899
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AKILI F9 is a portable anion air purifier, which can purify ambient air and detect ambient temperature and humidity.

AKILI F9 Anion Air Purifier Air Purification, Temperature Monitor, Humidity Monitor

Haze,Second-hand smoke, Automobile exhaust,Pollen, Virus,Exhaust gas

Adsorption Anions can adsorb PM2.5 micro particles and subsidewith them; Gather Anions can gather large particles such as dust or pollen and subside with them; Decompose Anions can decompose organic matters such as viruses or bacteria and produce carbon dioxide.

AKILI F9 carries two sets of high-power anion generators. It can release above 10 million/cm³ ecological anions, Quickly absorb particulars in the air to create an anion oxygen bar like the forest for you.

No fan structure, silent operation, Everlasting purification by anions, Help sleep all through the night.

26g light body, wear all day long free of burden.

AKILI F9 can detect ambient temperature in real time and toggle display of centigrade and Fahrenheit, which is a good tool for your family..

AKILI F9 also has the function of real-time humidity detection, it allows view of ambient humidity at any time, No longer blindly rely on feeling to open window and humidify, help you to become a smart housekeeper.

Ruby blue lens shows highly reflective luster of diamond, Adopt the same ceramic bead sandblasting process like iPhone, Create a jewelry-level smart necklace for you to wear on the bosom.

AKILI F9 is available in starry sky black and bright moon white, You can adopt the bi-color and bimaterial necklace of original accesories, or any other necklace, no longer bothered by clothes matching for trip. Maybe it's just the cost of a meal, but a lifetime harvest .



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0.26 kg

28mm(L) x 18mm(W) x 66mm(H)

0.26 kg

9mm(L) x 4mm(W) x 10mm(H)